How Nihal Ruparel Turned His Raw Creative Passion into Globally Celebrated Artistry

His lightning rise is both awe-inspiring and educational for anyone chasing big creative dreams.
At just 23 years young, Nihal Ruparel has pulled off what most creatives only fantasize about – launching a world-class media production empire that has major brands begging to collaborate. Like lots of creative geniuses, he showed signs of exceptional visual talent from childhood. He instantly felt drawn to an old film camera, spending endless hours experimenting. What started as child’s play swiftly morphed into an all-encompassing passion.

Nihal better known as TintedTakes had already positioned himself among India’s top talents after shooting campaigns for leading brands like Superdry, Cadbury, Jockey and Maybelline. His visual storytelling fused aesthetics with emotional power. Getting tapped by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other glossy magazines cemented his status nationwide. Nihal’s dramatic style blending Indian artistic tradition with contemporary fashion videography attracted widespread acclaim.

Never one to get complacent, Nihal then travelled overseas to sharpen his skills further learning from top experts across Europe, Asia and the US. This immersion expanded his creative lens exponentially. He synthesized his wide-ranging international influences with cultural elements from back home in India to develop his own distinct visual language. His global refinement was the essential catalyst to spark his quantum creative leap.

In 2022, Nihal Ruparel flexed his entrepreneurial muscles launching Atmosphre – an ambitious media production house creating films, music videos and documentaries to captivate global audiences. Heading Atmosphre, he assembled a team of filmmakers, artists and business strategists on the cutting edge of creativity and culture. His vision? To produce visual content fusing artistic passion and commercial potential through a borderless creative lens.
In little over one year, Atmosphre has created award-winning projects across branding, fashion and entertainment – from ad campaigns for Alo Yoga activewear to music videos for artists like Post Malone. Nihal now wields his directorial talents to align evolving client needs with cinematic innovation. If Atmosphre’s first year is any bellwether, this young mogul’s creative empire is just taking flight.