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Helen Movie Review says A heart-rending survival drama and a realist story. Critics rated as 3.5/5. Helen is a Malayalam Thriller movie produced by Vineeth Sreenivasan under the banner Habit Of Life and directed by Mathukutty Xavier. The movie stars Anna Ben, Lal, Noble Babu Thomas, Aju Varghese, Rony David Raj and Binu Pappu in the lead roles. The movie has its screenplay written by Alfred Kurian Joseph, Noble Babu Thomas, and Mathukutty Xavier.
The story of the film coveys, A smile can create wonders and sometimes even save a life. As Helen responds to her dad with a smile after regaining consciousness, the audience too finds themselves beaming.

Newbie director Mathukutty Xavier’s movie tells the tale of a girl’s survival that spans five hours of the night. It centers around Anna Ben (Anna Ben), who showcases the entire panoply of emotions on her face, especially in the second half. A sense of claustrophobia creeps in as she breathes, shivers and takes each step in the freezer. The adorable relationship between the dad and daughter makes the sequences outside the freezer, where the panicked dad and friends are struggling to find Helen, dripping with emotion.

In detail, Helen (Anna Ben) is a happy go lucky yet responsible girl raised by her single dad Paul (Lal). Theirs is a lower-middle-class family that has suffered through financial and emotional difficulties following the mother’s illness and demise. To pay back debts and have a peaceful life, Helen aspires to migrate to Canada. The dad-daughter duo shares a beautiful bond. Things go wrong when an annoying cop Ratheesh Kumar with his moral policing instincts calls up Paul to inform that she is having an affair with Azhar (Nobel Babu Thomas). Finding it difficult to face her dad, she stays back at her workplace and accidentally gets trapped in the freezer. Will she manage to survive? That was the suspense of the movie.
Helen is a typical family film from the Vineeth Sreenivasan school of filmmaking which is enjoyable and empathetic. The feel-good movie, though a survival drama, would definitely bring a smile to the faces as the curtains come down.