CBI Alleges Conspiracy In Solar Harassment Case Targeting Oommen Chandy

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has shed light on a conspiracy aimed at ensnaring former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy in the solar harassment case. The CBI’s revelations have come to the fore in a report submitted to the court, which ultimately acquitted Oommen Chandy of any wrongdoing. According to the CBI’s findings, individuals including KB Ganesh Kumar, Sharanya Manoj, and a controversial broker collaborated in a plot to entangle Oommen Chandy in the case.Notably, Oommen Chandy’s name did not originally appear in the letter penned by the complainant. The CBI investigation revealed that this mention was added later. The contentious letter, which triggered a political storm, was authored by the complainant while she was incarcerated. The CBI asserts that Ganesh Kumar secured possession of the letter, leaving his associate behind. This revelation was corroborated by Ganesh Kumar’s cousin, Saranya Manoj, in her statement to the authorities.

In addition to the initial letter from the complainant, the CBI also collected four additional letters authored by her, which aimed to implicate various political leaders. The complainant’s driver, a key witness in the case, testified to the CBI that it was the controversial broker who facilitated her meeting with the Chief Minister on the third day after Pinarayi Vijayan assumed office. Importantly, the first letter authored by the complainant while in jail did not mention Oommen Chandy, signifying a mix-up in the allegations. The primary objective appeared to be transferring the case to the CBI before the assembly elections.

The CBI’s report also addressed allegations of mistreatment at Cliffhouse, stating that no substantial evidence could be found to support such claims. While P.C. George was asked to provide testimony in the case, the CBI report indicates that he denied any involvement in the matter during his statement.The CBI submitted this comprehensive report to the court several months ago, and the details have now been made public. These revelations shed new light on the complex web of events surrounding the solar harassment case, ultimately leading to Oommen Chandy’s acquittal.