Bigg Boss Malayalam: Bigg Boss is back on Sunday! More Details….!

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Malayalam version of ‘Bigg Boss’ Malayalam version of ‘Bigg Boss’ will start airing
from this Sunday. Mohanlal, the presenter of the first version, is the anchor of the second version. Bigg Boss 2:  Grand Premiere will air on Asianet on Sunday, January 5th at 6 pm.

e Bigg Boss House is known to be in the EVP Film City of Chennai. e Tamil version of Bigg Boss, hosted
by Kamal Haasan, has been shot in the same spot for the past three years. As in the previous season, the
Bigg Boss house is based on a specific theme. Residents will have all the amenities at home.
e Indian Express correspondent was among a group of journalists who were able to spend a day as a
contestant in the Bigg Boss house as part of the ‘Bigg Boss’ Tamil Season 3 campaign. You can read the
report prepared by Sukheeerthan.

Bigg Boss 2 Bed Room

Bigg Boss 2 Wash Room

It is reported that there will be sixteen contestants this season, as in the previous season. Bigg Boss fans are
eager to know who will compete next season. e Bigg Boss Constant List is comprised of film and
television stars, celebrities from other walks of life, and social media / tick talk stars. e final announcement
will be made at the Grand Finale.

e Bigg Boss Malayalam was launched on the 25th anniversary of Asianet. Launched in Hindi, ‘Bigg Boss’
was introduced by Salman Khan and Kamal Haasan in Tamil. e first season of Bigg Boss was popular with
Malayalam television audiences. TV presenter Sabumon won the title of ‘Bigg Boss’ while runner-up awards
were won by Pearl Mani, model and actor Shias Karim. e love affair at the Bigg Boss House with Sreenish
Aravind’s love affair and their subsequent marriage has been in the news.