Bigg Boss Malayalam 14 Contestants Details Updated List


Thus, the third season of Big Boss has come to an end. The show presenter Mohanlal narrated the show as ‘Season of Dreams’. This is because most of them come with a lot of dreams. They are also open about the new season.

Nobby Marcos

      • Nobby Marcos was the first contestant in Bigg Boss.
      • Nobby, who was active in mimicry and art during his school days, established himself on the mini-screen through a TV reality show ‘comedy stars’.


    •   Nobi, a native of Venjaramoodu, Thiruvananthapuram, is notable in the art world through reality shows. It was mimicry that brought Nobby into the art world.
    • He made her silver screen debut with the film College Days. He also landed a notable role in the film ‘Ayal NJanalla’. Another movie are Life Of Josootty, Ore Mukham. Nobby also got a good role in the hit movie Puli Murugan.
  • One of the favourites of Malayalees who do not need an introduction, there will be no Malayalees who do not laugh at Nobby’s comedy on stage, mini screen or big screen.

Dimple Bhal

  • Dimple, who completed her MPhil in Clinical Psychology, works as a child psychologist.
  • Daughter of a father from Uttar Pradesh and a Malayalee mother. Dimple seems to share the best of both cultures, she speaks fluent Malayalam.Dimbal-Bhal-1
  • Dimple, who works as a child psychologist, is also a cancer survivor. Dimple says that the onset and return of a rare cancer that affects the spine at the age of 12 played a major role in shaping the personality. They say that they can understand the pain of others because they know what pain is.
  • She is 21 years old. She wears several hats, including businesswoman, fashion geek, stylist, and cancer survivor.

Kitilam Firoz (Firoz Khan Abdul Aziz).

    • Kitilam Firoz’, also known as Firoz A. Aziz, is the face of confidence that has been added to the name ‘Kitilam’.
    • Feroz is one of the most recognizable voices in the early days of FM radio stations in Kerala.Kitilam feroz
    • He began his career as a television producer and presenter and now he became famous for his career as a radio jockey. Feroz is also listed in the Limca Book of Records as a radio jockey.
    • It is named after a 105-hour long radio presentation. The marathon program ‘Vande Keralam’ was an awareness program against drug abuse.


    • Manikuttan is one of the notable young actors of Malayalam. Manikuttan, who made it to the silver screen through television, his first arrived in Kochunni. Subsequently, Manikuttan became active in Malayalam cinema. Many notable characters are in the form of clocks today.
    • Manikuttan made his screen debut in the serial Kayamkulam Kochunny.manikkuttan
    • Manikuttan, a native of Thiruvananthapuram, also starred in the campus film produced by MG College.
    • He made his silver screen debut in 199 with the film Varnachithrakal.
    • His real name is Thomas James.
    • He made his acting debut in Vinayan’s Boy Friend. Other important films of Manikuttan include Chottamumbai, Kurukshetra, Valiyangadi and Chavarpada.

Majiziya Bhanu

    • Majiziya Bhanu, the daughter of Vadakara Orkatteri Abdul Majeed and Razia, is determined to make her mark on the international stage.
    • Majizia, who turned to powerlifting out of a desire to learn boxing, never had to look back.
    • Majizia won gold at the international level for India from a small village in Kozhikode, which started with a small competition in Kerala, won a silver medal at the 2017 Asian Powerlifting Championships.majiziya-1
    • In the same year, he repeated his silver medal at the Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship (Deadlift) from Alappuzha.  But it did not take long to move from silver to gold.
    • Majizia wins gold at 2018 World Powerlifting World Cup Majizia flew from Moscow to win the World Deadlift World Cup and the Gold Lifter Award.
    • Majizia, the 2019 world champion, meanwhile finished sixth at the 2018 World Pancha Wrestling Championships.

Lakshmi Jayan

    • Lakshmi Jayan wants to be known as a singer but she has proved her talent in many fields. Lakshmi is a violinist, reality show actress, television presenter and radio jockey.
    • Lakshmi had garnered Pan Indian attention through her popular musical reality show Indian Idol. Lakshmi competed in the 10th season of Indian Idol in 2018.lakshmi-jayan
    • They have won applause by singing and playing the violin in many venues.
    • Lakshmi will play the guitar and drums along with the field. But as a singer, Lakshmi’s ability to sing the same song in both male and female voices has won the admiration of the audience.
    • She has also gained attention as a dubbing artist and actor. Presenter on Asianet’s Best FM95.
    • She is a native of Thiruvananthapuram, Lakshmi studied Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at the Thiruvananthapuram Regional Institute of Aviation.
    • She also studied at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

Soorya J Menon

    • Surya is one of the first women DJs in Kerala.
    • Surya has also acted as RJ. She has also acted in some movies.soorya
    • She also shared her experience of meeting Mohanlal while acting in the movie Kandahar. Surya was talking about the simplicity of Mohanlal. Surya says he also worked on channels.
    • Surya is also active in modelingSurya says she has a happy family consisting of only her father and mother.
    • Surya says that she is a girl who believes in her own personality, she also expressed a great desire.
    • She has a dream of starting an old-age home.

Sai Vishnu

    • Sai is a ‘newcomer’, who wants to be a film actor.
    • This young man also wants to reach heights in that area.sai-vishnu
    • Sai is confident that he is ready to challenge any adverse situation for that.”I was born with the desire to be a movie star. In the past, when I was asked to be a teacher in a class, I said I was a movie star. Despite my efforts, I have never been able to act in a movie. I hope Bigg Boss will open a door to it,” says Sai Vishnu.
    • Sai’s dream is not only to become an actor but also to win the Best Actor award ever at the world-famous Cannes and Oscars. This artist has these desires tattooed on his hand.
    • Sai has acted as a video jockey and has acted in some web series.

Anoop Krishnan

    • Anoop Krishnan is a popular actor among the new generation of serial actors.
    • Anoop hails from Pattambi, Palakkad. What sets Anoop apart is his natural acting.anoop-krishnan
    • Anoop, who played the lead role in ‘Sita Kalyanam’.
    • Anoop quit teaching because of his passion for acting.
    • Anoop first acted in a movie when many actors used to go from mini screen to big screen.
    • Mammootty will be seen in Dheyvathinte Swantham Cleitus, Praise the Lord.
    • In 2018, through the ‘Sita Kalyanam’, the mini screen will reach the audience.

Adoney T John

    • Adoni, who was a star in school studies, speeches and quizzes, joined Baselius College, Kottayam with BA in Politics with many dreams.
    • Adoni was adamant that financial problems should never affect his studies.adony
    • Baselius College honed Adoni’s talent. He began Adoni’s journey from stage to stage with his eloquence.
    • He also spoke openly about his stance on political issues. When he came to the Maharaja of Ernakulam after studying at Baselius, he sought more opportunities with Adoni.
    • Adoni’s achievements over the course of his studies, which now extends to research at MG University.

Muhammed Ramzan


    • Ramzan Mohammed, who completed his dance performances through a reality show.
    • The highlight of Ramadan’s footsteps was the vibrancy of the youth.
    • Ramadan was a contestant on a popular channel’s reality show.
    • Ramzan Mohammad, who has 21-year-old Ramzan stepped into fame very quickly. Ramadan Bigg Boss is backed by a huge fan base.

Sandhya Manoj

    • Sandhya Manoj’s first stag was Bharatanatyam. After marriage, Sandhya Manoj came to Malaysia. There he also fell in love with the steps of the Odyssey.soorya
    • She learned the first lessons of Odyssey in Malaysia from my teacher Geeta Shankar.
    • Sandhya Manoj Guru Durgacharan Ranveer and Guru Rathikant Mohapatra, who studied at the Temple of Art, are still under investigation. Sandhya Manoj’s story is that when Bharatanatyam and Odyssey came together as an artistic experience, yoga came together. The audience will now know the highlights of Sandhya Manoj’s quest for the possibilities of dance.
    • Her husband’s yoga school explores the possibilities of combining yoga and odyssey. Sandhya Manoj provides such an education here.
    • Sandhya Manoj has also organized an Odyssey workshop in Thiruvananthapuram on the same idea.
    • Understanding that yoga is essential for the perfection of dance, Sandhya Manoj has opened the door to Bigg Boss as he continues his journey.
    • While continuing her artistic career as a dancer, dance teacher and composer, Sandhya Manoj is stepping into other fields. Sandhya Manoj, who is proud of Malayalam in Odyssey, has also made a name for herself in modelling.

Rithu Manthra

    • Ritu is a native of Kannur.Rithu
    • She studied Journalism and Literature at Don Bosco College, Kannur.
    • She studied post graduation in Bangalore. While doing her PG, she came across opportunities for modeling and fashion.
    • The areas of interest for Ritu who has made good use of them are music and acting.
    • Ritu, who competed in the 2018 Miss India pageant, won the Miss Talented South title. Singing cover versions of popular songs had garnered attention on social media.
    • Acting is Ritu’s new field. She starred in King Layer, Port, Role Models and Operation Java.


  • Bhagyalakshmi, a faimous  Dubbing Artist , an actress, activist and television presente.
  • Bhagyalakshmi, is a  native of Kozhikode, entered the dubbing industry at a very young age.Bhagya_lakshmi
  • She started giving voice to actors at the age of 10 by giving voice to child actors. Though his work in the 1977 film Aparadhi was noticed, the break for dubbing artiste.
  • Bhagyalakshmi was achieved by Jayan’s famous film ‘Kolilakka’ (1981).
  • Bhagyalakshmi dubbed the film for Sumalatha. Later, Bhagyalakshmi became the voice of many leading Malayalam actresses like Menaka, Nadiya Moidhu, Shobhana, Urvashi and Nayanthara.
  • Bhagyalakshmi’s dubbing has played a major role in the completion of the character ‘Ganga’ played by Shobhana in ‘Manichitrathazhi’.
  • Bhagyalakshmi has bagged several times the State Television Award for Best Dubbing Artist for her content, My Sun Daughter and Traveler’s Attention. Her autobiography ‘Swarabhedangal’ also won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Bhagyalakshmi was recently brought to the notice of the public following the attack on Vijay P Nair, who had made obscene remarks against her on YouTube. The incident took place in September last year.Bhagyalakshmi was accompanied by activist and Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 contestant Diya Sana. The police had registered a case against Bhagyalakshmi, Diya Sana and Sreelakshmi under the non-bailable section.
  • However, the court later granted Bhagyalakshmi anticipatory bail with conditions. Director Shanthivila Dinesh was arrested by the Thiruvananthapuram Cyber ​​Police yesterday following a complaint by Bhagyalakshmi that he had made defamatory remarks against her through the new media.