Aswathy sreekanth makes her stand clear on body shaming.

Ashwathy Srikanth is a popular presenter and actress as well as a good reviewer. … Now Ashwathy Srikanth is making his stance on the subject of body shaming clear on Facebook. Public figure does not mean public property. It is an item that reacts on the spot when dug, and is not intended to be a negative parabrahm.

Ashwathy says she has been working in the media for a long time and has often been subjected to various forms of body shaming. Body shaming on comedy skits has often been opposed. “I don’t mind being teased,” Ashwati said in a Facebook post, promoting body shaming.

Let’s go to the detailed note of the star ….

I have been working in the media for the last ten to eleven years. Since then I have often experienced various forms of body shimming on social media, in which I have felt sad and cried. But then I grew up mentally so that it didn’t affect me in any way.In other words, the previous post was not broken after seeing a comment by Aran ..! It is a reminder that there is a large group of victims who are filled with comedy stigma that one section considers to be such innocence.We who call our friends nicknames on a daily basis for their color, height, belly and hairlessness may never see their inner humiliation outside of laughing.I’m the one who always responds to such scripts on comedy shows that I include. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. I ‘ve been away from such jokes since the day I had the confidence to tell.The script writers and directors who have worked with me know exactly that. If they can’t avoid such jokes then no, but I have repeatedly stated that I will not say that.The rest of them are fine, and she’s heard murmurs about what’s wrong with this. Those who say that it’s okay for me to be teased are also encouraging body shimming in another way.

It’s a way of life for them, but it’s a lot of fun every day. It does not matter what spirit the hearer takes in, it is to grow mentally only to not hurt someone with words even in this life where even the next moment is not guaranteed.And the reason is that if you put a public post, you have an obligation to listen to whatever the public says. Don’t you know that if you travel on public transport, there will be harassment and arrest?
It’s like asking if you can go up and respond knowingly. Public figure does not mean public property. It is an item that reacts on the spot when dug, and is not intended to be a negative parabrahm! Thank you and goodbye

These are the words of Ashwathy … We also feel that resilience is very important in this society …. We will come back with another news Thank you