Kerala government got a profit of 600cr from in eligible ration card holders


An unknown contract employee from Kollam made a profit of around Rs 600 crore for the government by cutting the ration in the state. Aju Saigal, 38, a native of Paravur Pozhikkara, was the employee who received the ministerial praise. Aju has successfully completed the difficult task of finding the undeserving who have entered the ration list.

Food Minister P Thilothaman and Minister Thomas Isaac praised Aju. More than 50 lakh priority card holders, more than 90 lakh building owners and more than 45 lakh vehicle owners were found to be ineligible by matching their addresses.The software was developed by Aju. It found 36,670 people with expensive vehicles. In addition, the floor information of the building of the local self-governing body was compared. 19359 people and 151111 people with houses over 1000 square feet were found. All of them were receiving undeserved benefits.

Aju, who holds an MBA in Computer Engineering, has previously worked for several private companies. Aju was also involved in a project to provide online services to the tribal people.The list of those who misappropriated the rations found by Aju has been sent to the ration officers at the district and taluk level. As many as 5.62 lakh cards have been removed from the priority list. It has been decided to recover Rs 30 per kg from those found ineligible. This is a service that will bring crores of profit to Kahajana. In any case, such candidates are always an asset to our country.