Leading Ed-Tech IIM SKILLS is launching GST Practitioner Certification Courses


IIM SKILLS, the leading Online Education Platform for Professional Education for Content Writing Courses, Digital Marketing Courses & Online CAT Coachings has emerged as the top online training platform for professional courses to bridge the gap between demand and supply of competent professionals.IIM SKILLS is all set to launch the much-in-demand GST Certification Courses as they feel that there is a good gap between the demand and supply of skilled GST Practitioners who understand the essentials of GST in-depth & Advanced Industry Skills.

IIM SKILLS has created one of the most comprehensive courses on GST where the participants will get a thorough education on the advanced GST skills that will make them job-ready.It should be notably mentioned that IIMSKILLS has a success rate of 87% and an NPS score of 79% in the last 6 months. That makes them one of the outstanding institutes in the Ed Tech world. Not just that, they have helped students to start successful freelance businesses making greatly lucrative careers for themselves.

Today, IIM SKILLS offers the most intensive content writing courses, online digital marketing training, and CAT Coachings to upskill and excel in today’s competitive world.Now, it is your chance to get access to quality education and premium job opportunities.The CEO and a digital enthusiast himself, Vaibhav Kakkar feels that it is absolutely essential to consider the knowledge of the online domain and the power of writing as indispensable parts of higher education today.

“Writing is considered a serious career today and is responsible for the success of so many businesses. It is through content that people become aware of businesses and their services. Hence, it is important for students today to understand how content and the online domain can lead to a highly lucrative career.”With this goal in mind, Vaibhav Kakkar aims to nurture young minds into becoming technically savvy professionals with great Marketing insight.As a student or a career aspirant, your priority is to make sure that you keep pace with the changing times in this fast-evolving job market. IIM SKILLS ensures that you learn all the digital concepts clearly to apply them in your career.

Whether it is SEO, or Search Marketing, Content Marketing, or a combination of all the components, IIM SKILLS helps you imbibe the core concepts comprehensively to make you a good freelancer & job-ready person.IIM SKILLS has conducted more than 1000+ sessions in various modules, the mentors have formulated the curriculum in a manner that it is easy for everyone to understand, whether they are novices or professionals having some knowledge of the web domain.Regarded as the leading online portal for training, IIM SKILLS provides internationally accepted certifications and provides placement assistance in some of the top brands in the country.

With more than 5 years of excellent training sessions in different domains including content writing, Digital marketing, and CAT coaching, IIM SKILLS makes sure to include practical assignments as a compulsory part of their curriculum in the new GST Certification Program.”Learning online should be an enjoyable experience. But it is a fact that monotony can creep in very fast. My team and I make sure that the course is interactive, with scope for everyone to contribute that helps our students to gain as much knowledge without the process getting strenuous.” Vaibhav Kakkar explains when asked how he manages to retain the attention of so many students in an online set-up.With the sole aim to provide more value to students and professionals alike, IIM SKILLS has several other courses that are in the pipeline, to be launched in the coming months.

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