Innocent The Health Condition Is Very Critical

Film world and fans with prayers for actor Innocent. There are reports that the health condition of the star, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital, has worsened again. The actor is undergoing expert treatment at Ernakulam Lake Shore Hospital. Reports have emerged that his lung problems are very serious. He is under the observation of expert doctors at Lake Shore Hospital. The actor is on a ventilator.

The government has appointed a special medical team to monitor the health of Innocent, who is also a former MP. The medical board consists of expert doctors from Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Alappuzha Medical Colleges, and Thiruvananthapuram RSC. He initially responded to medication, but his condition worsened after contracting pneumonia. Medicines are not very effective because the infection is chronic. The immune system is greatly reduced due to three times of covid infections. That is the reason for the deterioration.