Why Covid guidelines do not apply to liquor stores

The suggestion that shoppers should be vaccinated also applies to liquor stores. People who come to buy alcohol are like cattle. The High Court has asked the state government why the revised Covid guidelines do not apply to liquor outlets.Liquor stores in the state are still experiencing huge crowds. Police are controlling the traffic with barricades. Justice Devan Ramachandran, who heard the case, said that he had witnessed the incident.The RTPCR certificate or the document that the first dose of the vaccine was taken should also be applied to Bevco outlets.

It should be decided that alcohol will be sold only to those who have been vaccinated or have undergone RTPCR. Vaccination will help reach the maximum number of people. The court also said that more people will be vaccinated because they have to buy alcohol.The High Court on Wednesday asked the state government to reply to the matter. The case is set to return to court on Wednesday.

The High Court had earlier criticized the state government over the congestion in liquor stores. The Kerala government was again criticized when it came to the case which was being considered by the High Court earlier.