Vineeth Sreenivasan Says That Basil Cannot Be Trusted!

Vineeth Srinivasan and Basil Joseph are among the leading young actors in Malayalam cinema. Vineeth Srinivasan is an actor, director, and even more so a singer who is in the minds of the audience. Vineeth made his acting debut by playing a lead role in the Malayalam film Cycle. He later did a role opposite his father Srinivasan in Makante Achan. Later, Vineeth wrote his own lyrics for album songs and directed his own music videos. Vineeth entered the playback singing scene by singing the song Kashawin Thattamitta in the movie Kilichundan Mambazham. Later he made his debut as a director with the film Malarwadi Arts Club along with seven young stars. The actor won the Asiavision Award for Best Debut Director through Malarwadi Arts Club. Tattatham Marayat was the second film in which he excelled as a screenwriter, director, and playback singer.

His third film, Tira, was released in 2013. Now, Vineeth has shared some interesting experiences that happened during the shooting of the film Tira. Vineeth was talking about director and actor Basil Joseph. Tira was Basil’s first film. Vineet says that Basil used to always come and stand with him when Shobhana was telling stories to his sister at the movie location and he always thought that since it was his first film, he would stay with him to learn everything. Vineeth clarified that on the occasions when he was talking with Shobhana, everyone used to stay with him in the base and the reason for that was because there was a photographer named Chantu who used to take stills during the shooting and when he and Shobhana sister were together, he used to come and stand in the base in order to get a photo.