Dileep Says Manju Not Acting After Marriage Was Manju’s Own Decision And It Was Not My Decision

Dileep and Manju Warrier were once the favorite star couple of Malayalees. After a long married life, the two separated their marriage, shocking the Malayalis. After that, Dileep married Kavyamadhavan. This was a big debate in the film world itself. Fans could hardly believe it. Dileep and Manju have a daughter Meenakshi. Meenakshi lives with her father today. The words spoken by Dileep in a recent interview with Dileep are now being discussed on social media. When the host asked about Manju, Dileep’s answer shocked even the host. Everyone thought that she had locked Manju in her house after marriage and was not agreeing to act.

I forced her to go acting after marriage. Dileep also said that if you act too, we can become financially sound. Manju was asking back if he married her for money. Dileep says that is what I like as long as I am here looking at your affairs and Manju is replying. Finally, the two separated due to problems with Kavyamadhavan. After that, she married Dilip Kavyamadhavan and they have a daughter with her. Dileep and Kavya’s daughter’s name is Mahalakshmi. After her divorce, Manju Warrier was again active in films and rekindled her status as a lady superstar. Manju Warrier has done great roles not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil.

But after the divorce, Dileep had a hard time. After that, Dileep had to go to jail in connection with the case of assaulting the actress. The case is still pending in court. After that, none of the films starring Dileep were accepted by the Malayali audience. But again the actor is active with new films.