Vijay Antony joins ‘Pichaikkaran 2’ schedule post-accident


Vijay Antony, a music composer turned actor, was hurt while filming his next film ‘Pichaikkaran 2’ in Malaysia earlier this month. The actor had earlier this week updated his followers and audience on his health status from a hospital in Chennai. Vijay Antony has now claimed that he is 90% cured and has resumed work as of today.

Vijay Antony wrote in Tamil about his health, which translates to, “I am 90% cured. My broken jaw and nose bones have joined together. I don’t know what, I feel happier now than ever because of you. I will start the work of ‘Pichaikkaran 2’ today which will be released in April.”

The actor from ‘Pichaikkaran 2’ underwent significant surgery after suffering terrible damage to his jaw and nose. Vijay Antony was injured in the face and chest and suffered bleeding lips as a result of the mishap. Kavya Thapar, who was also on the boat with Vijay Antony, had a head injury and had returned to Mumbai for a rest.

Actor Vijay Antony made his debut as a music composer in the Tamil film industry. He has composed music for several films. He has given more and more peppy songs to the fans with his many films and background music. He has also established himself as an actor and producer at one stage.

Pichaikaran became the best film in Vijay’s film career.  After the reception of this film, the second part of the film is currently in progress. He impressed his fans by acting in this character as a son who begs for his ailing mother.