Vignesh Shivan Shares Their Love Story

Nayantara and Vignesh are a star couple who have a huge fan base not only in Tamil but also in other languages. Naanum Rowdy Dhan was the movie that won the audience much praise for both of them in their career. Nayantara got an important role in the movie. It can be said that Rowdy Dhan became a path for Vignesh, Nayantara, and Nan in life. Both of them got married in the month of June 2022. Today they are the parents of two sons, Uir and Ulakam. Even after marriage, Nayan and Vignesh are busy with their careers. Yes, now in an interview given to Galata Tamil channel, talking about the love period and marriage with Nayanthara is going viral.

Vignesh says that most people on the sets of Naan and Rowdy Dhan were not aware of their romance. The director talked about the reason for this. ‘We didn’t do romance on the sets. The work was very professional. A few of my friends on the set knew. Even then I had not boarded Nayanthara’s caravan. We started dating during the second schedule of the film. Even after being in a relationship, I used to call her ma’am on the set. Our love should not affect the film. Nan also had a scene where Rowdy was trying to kiss him. That is the first stage of our love. Possessiveness can come. If I had been possessive at that time, they would have distanced each other. She and I are professional’ ‘Nayanthara was brought home one day as usual.

Nayanthara became a star because of the way she works. With sincerity. But he did not become a star by winning a national award by giving a wonderful performance. He has done a lot of commercial films. Nayan doesn’t behave like a star to me. Just like a normal housewife.