Women Should Not Wear Low Necked Dresses, And Arriving On Salman Khan’s Sites

Salman Khan is a very popular actor in Indian cinema. Anthem The Final Truth is a 2021 film starring Salman in the lead role. The words of Palak Tiwari, who worked as Palak’s assistant director in the film, are now being discussed. Palak reveals that women are not allowed to wear plunging necklines on Salman’s sets. Palak added that Salman insisted that everyone should wear clean clothes.

Salman Khan starrer Kisii Ka Bhai Kisii Ki Jaan is about to hit the theatres. Directed by Farhad Sanji, the film will hit theaters on April 21. Actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari is making her acting debut with the film. He talks about this in an interview given by Palak Tiwari regarding the release of the film. Many people don’t seem to know about it. The neckline of women’s dresses should be here on Salman Khan’s sets, says Palak, putting her hand on her upper chest. Salman wants all the girls on his sets to be good girls with their bodies covered. When I left the house wearing a t-shirt and joggers for the set, my mother asked me where I was going, well dressed. Then I said that is Salman sir’s rule on the sets.