Tollywood films will be released on OTT 8 weeks post the theatrical release

Only eight weeks after the film’s theatrical premiere, Tollywood producers have unanimously decided to release them on OTT channels. Producer Dil Raju made the announcement and said that they had also made the decision to reach a settlement with the proprietors of the OTT platforms.

Speaking on behalf of the film chamber during a media conference on Thursday in Hyderabad, Dil Raju elaborated on a number of factors that have contributed to the postponement of filming. As part of his ongoing efforts to address the issues at hand, he had discussions about them and offered updates on how the action plan was coming along. In order to lower the cost of making movies, he added that they had also reached an agreement with the Movie Artists Association (MAA).

Dil Raju claimed that the multiplex management had positively replied to the producers’ request for the provision of tickets and concessions to moviegoers at reasonable costs. The producer did clarify, though, that a decision regarding Virtual Print Fee (VPF) charges would be made after a meeting with exhibitors. At the same time, he dispelled the rumors that filming would resume. Dil Raju made it clear that they have been working to find answers to other challenges and will make a statement regarding the restart of shootings once everything has been resolved.

For those who are unaware, the shooting has been on hold since August 1 as a result of a resolution made in this regard by the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild in an effort to address issues facing the Telugu film industry. In addition, the 51-year-old producer stated that Bollywood, in addition to the other South Indian film industries, has been keenly awaiting the selections made by the Tollywood producers.