That guilt bothered me, and that’s how I atoned for Jyotika!


Suriya and Jyothika are a favorite couple of South Indian film lovers. Fans are also eager to know their experiences leading up to the exemplary marriage in front of their co-stars and fans. Surya first met Jyothika during the movie Poovellam Kettupar. That meeting was in 1999. It was Jyothika’s fifth film. Surya says that Joe did not seem to care at that time. After the first movie we acted in together, we didn’t have much in common. After that, Jyothika became a big star. The couple, who fell in love and got married, have openly said in many forums that they still keep that love between them. Jyothika and Surya got married while still active in the cinema. Jyothika, who left the cinema after her marriage, made a comeback years later. Jyothika made her comeback with Surya’s Thirty-Six Years. Now Surya is open about their married life.This behavior of mine is the reason why my marriage with Jyothika was delayed! We are approaching the picture of the crow crow. We had done pictures together before but we had no great experience with each other. It was during the movie Kakka Kakka that we became more acquainted and became friends. After that, we started texting each other. It was only when we were not acting together that we realized that we were not only friends but also in love. Then we fell in love and got married.jyothika va chellam movie

After marriage, Joe became more focused on family life. I was haunted by the thought of pushing my wife between the kitchen and the kids after marriage like the average husband. Even fans have often asked me openly about this. The atonement for that is the return of the current Joe. That was the main reason I gave my full support to Joe’s return.