Letter from a High Court Judge to the Chief Justice seeking contempt of court action against Suriya

A Madras High Court judge has directed the court to take action against actor Suriya for criticizing the country’s courts over the NEET exam. Madras High Court Judge SM Subramaniam wrote a letter to Chief Justice AP Sahi in this regard. The judge also demanded that a warrant be issued against Suriya for criticizing the country’s judges and the judiciary.
Judge SM Subramaniam said in the letter that action was being taken in the light of the statement made on TV and YouTube regarding the actor’s NEET exam. The move follows a statement made by Surya on Sunday in the wake of the NEET exams. ‘Suriya was referring to the fact that the courts, which have become virtual in the context of COVID, are ordering students to write the NEET exam’. Justice SM Subramaniam had lodged a complaint with the Chief Justice against this statement.


That statement is tantamount to contempt of court. Not only does it undermine the integrity of the judges and our faith in the great justice system of our country. It will also cause people to lose faith in the judiciary, “Justice SM Subramaniam said in the letter. We urge the court to take appropriate action against actor Suriya to uphold the dignity of our judicial system. In a letter to the Chief Justice, Justice S.M. The Hindu reports that Subramaniam wrote.