Surya-Jyothika won the award as a couple for the first time at the national award ceremony..a special event at the ceremony

Suriya-Jyotika have achieved a feat for the first time by bagging 2 out of 6 awards in Suraraippoortu award list separately. Suriya and Jyothika won two separate awards for the same film at the National Awards ceremony. It is the dream of filmmakers to win a National Award. It is a big event for a husband and wife to receive an award together. That has happened in Surya Jyotika’s life.

Actor Suriya came to acting in the late 90s. While his performance was initially criticized by many, he suddenly took on a different character in Bala’s Nanda. He gave different performances in subsequent films like Kakka Kakka, Pitamagan, Perazhagan, Varanam Ayaar, Ghajini, Singam and carved a niche for himself. He married his co-star Jyothika in 2006. In 25 years he has moved towards the National Award. Surya Jyotika has two children. He has started a film company called 2-D with the first letter of his name and is producing many films.

Suraraippoortu is the film produced by this company. Based on a true story, the film is the first film to be released on the OTT platform. Jai Bheem also made the film when the film received a huge response. It also became a milestone film in Suriya’s career. In this case, Suraraippoortu received 6 awards at the 68th National Film Awards. 6 awards including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Background Music. In this, Surya was awarded as the best actor and his wife Jyotika was awarded as the producer for the best film. This may be the first time at a national award event.

The young couple received the National Award individually on the same stage and were welcomed by the people there. Surya is producing quality films through his 2D company. Recently Karthi starrer Virumaan under his production is running successfully. Jyothika occasionally plays lead roles in films. He is going to act in a film with Mammootty. Surya alone is helping many poor students through his foundation called Akaram. The award was one of the most memorable in Suriya Jyothika’s screen career, last year father-in-law Rajinikanth and son-in-law Dhanush, who belong to the same family, received the award together. This year husband and wife bought the award together.