Satisfactory Preparations Across 31 Venues For Onam Week Celebration, Affirms Minister Shivankutty


Ministers V. Sivankutty, PA Muhammad Riaz, and Antony Raju have jointly announced the meticulous completion of arrangements for the upcoming Onam week festivities, scheduled to transpire in the capital from August 27 to September 2. With extensive coordination among various organizing committees, the groundwork has been meticulously established to preempt any grievances, as affirmed by Minister V. Shivankutty. The ministers conveyed this message during a media briefing subsequent to the gathering of conveners from diverse organizing committees at the Tourism Directorate.PA Muhammad Riaz, the Tourism Department Minister, commended the seamless orchestration of the Onam week celebrations by various departments. He underscored a special emphasis on engaging the younger generation in the planning process, and the contribution of volunteers from tourism clubs was once again pivotal in ensuring the event’s success.Comparatively surpassing last year’s illumination, this year’s rendition promises even more vibrancy. Notably, local artists have been given expanded opportunities to showcase their talents. Transport Minister Antony Raju revealed a significant development in public transportation, stating that electric bus services will operate until midnight during the Onam week, connecting major venues and city routes.The electric buses offer a cost-effective option at just 10 rupees per trip, or a comprehensive 30-rupee ticket that permits unlimited travel on these buses until midnight. Minister Raju urged the public to favor public transportation over private vehicles for the duration of the festivities.

DCP Nidin Raj emphasized the robust security arrangements for the city during the Onam week celebrations. The city has been strategically divided into nine zones and 31 divisions, with Assistant Commissioners overseeing zones and Inspectors in charge of divisions. A contingent of 1850 police personnel have been deployed to ensure security.Efficient parking provisions will be periodically communicated via social media channels and other media platforms. Furthermore, comprehensive CCTV surveillance has been intensified across key locations. DCP Raj highlighted the presence of patrol units and canine squads, ensuring a comprehensive security framework during the celebrations.