Roshan Andrews as Manju Warrier’s villain Character poster for’Prati Poovankozhi’ has been released- new song

After ‘How Old Are You’, Roshan Andrews and Manju Warrier are back together. Director Roshan Andrews is making his debut in this film too. Roshan Andrews plays the villain in the movie. Mammootty is his official Facebook
Roshan Andrews’ character poster was released through the page. Roshan Andrews looks like a brutal antagonist in a mirror piece looking for heroine Manju Warrier. In the film, Manju Warrier plays Madhuri, a salesgirl. Roshan Andrews said that Unni R was the scriptwriter who asked him to do the role. It will also be Roshan’s acting debut, which has only appeared in one shot in his own films. The film is produced by Gokulam Movies. But Roshan Andrews said that the film was not a novel by Unni Ar, the novel Prati Poovankozhi. Earlier, there were reports that the film was a film adaptation of Unni Ar’s highly acclaimed novel Prati Poovan Kozhi.Manju is playing the role of Madhuri in the movie. Madhuri is a salesgirl in a clothing store. The film moves forward with unexpected events in their lives.Roshan Andrews is back with the first song of the film ‘Prati Poovankozhi’. The song that starts with “Ennina What is” is out. Anil Pachuran has penned the lyrics. It is sung by Jayachandran and Abhaya Hirani. Manju Warrier and Alancier appear in the song.

The film will hit the theaters on December 20. ‘ How Old Are You’ is the film that has made her second appearance with actress Manju Warrier. Directed by Roshan Andrews, the film was critically acclaimed. After ‘How Old Are You’ Roshan Andrews is preparing to team up with Manju Warrier.