Prithviraj Sukumaran winning hearts of million with his looks

Prithviraj Sukumaran, the entertainer director whom we as a whole relationship with the term ‘Perfectionist’, has made an impression among the crowd, with his spectacular exhibitions in films, that he is here to stay.
Prithviraj has proved himself when he directed his introduction film ‘Lucifer’, featuring Mohanlal as the lead. The component of itemizing that he provides for anything he does is something to gain from. Keeping this multitude of characteristics separated, there is another thing that makes him special, i.e, screen presence.
Screen presence is something that a lead entertainer should have, to withstand everyday hardship and be exceptional among different entertainers.  A few different components become an integral factor with regards to screen presence, and Prithviraj could be named as somebody who could be taken as a review material to comprehend the reason why screen presence is truly significant.
In the below examples, let’s take a look at how Prithviraj literally stole the spotlight.


Yea it’s too soon to say anything regarding the film before its release, yet the film has effectively made a buzz among the crowd with its stills including Prithviraj as ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan‘. Prithviraj gave major ‘Macho’ flows in the first poster for the film, wearing customary white ‘Mundu’ and a shirt. The serious look of ‘Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’ in the actual banner is sufficient to show that Prithviraj will capture everyone’s attention in the film and could set numerous hearts hustling.Kaduva -Prithviraj


This 2010 movie directed by George Varghese could be named as one of the movies that gave a ‘mass allure’ passage for Prithviraj. Individuals love to see entertainers generally in ‘Nadan’ roles and this film was not shy of something very similar. Prithviraj was seen both in ‘Nadan’ outfits and western outfits as the story likewise managed the past of Prithviraj’s person. Albeit the film ‘Thanthonni’ got normal to blended reactions, Prithviraj’s way of acting and looks were exceptionally valued by the crowd.
Thanthonni Prithviraj 2

Driving License

Prithviraj’s style has consistently been a wonder to watch both on-screen and off-screen. This 2019 movie directed by Jean-Paul-Lal under the content of late Sachi, had every one of the components for Prithviraj to sparkle. He played the personality of a celebrity in the film and the outfits which he wore in the film were made to his style and gave him a flamboyant look. Later Prithviraj was seen wearing such outfits from the film in grant capacities and other off-screen capacities which became famous online in the greater part of the web-based media handles.


The 2015 film ‘Anarkali’ was composed and directed by the late director Sachi and was one of the top-earning movies of that time. Prithviraj played the role of a previous naval official, Shanthanu Varma alongside Biju Menon who played a person named ‘Zachariah’. Going to Prithviraj’s style in the film, it would be difficult to take your eyes off when he gets in the scene wearing that Black Aviator shades with a skin-tight T-shirt and Levis.Prithviraj-anarkali

7th Day

‘7th day’ is one of the movies which drew out another sort of style decision for Prithviraj. This 2014 Mystery thriller movie was one of the top hits of that time which was directed by Syamdhar. Prithviraj ruled each scene with his salt and pepper hairdo alongside a brown leather jacket and a round eyeglass that gave him major antagonist vibes. Wearing coats and salt and pepper haircut became probably the most banality in thriller motion pictures and short movies, after the 7th Day, which is genuine confirmation of the amount Prithviraj’s style was impacted by new producers.


Prithviraj is real proof that solid facial hair growth isn’t that compulsory to give out a macho look. In this 2018 activity dramatization film, Prithviraj dumped his desi look totally and embraced a western-style as the tale of the film was set in the United States. Wearing that blue Denim shirt with dark pants, Prithviraj stole the spotlight even though the film had its flaws in the scripting part and had mixed responses from the audience.Ranam'