Pornographic stickers, controversy, answer to journalist’s questions


Kochi: The journalist who sought a response from KSINC (Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation) MD N Prashanth in connection with the deep sea fishing controversy received obscene stickers. KP Pravitha, a journalist with the Kochi unit of Mathrubhumi, had a bad experience. When asked on what basis the official response was to send such bad stickers, N Prashant replied that deleting the stickers sent till then, the person has changed, there is no way to get the news and some journalists are inferior to the cleaners. When the news broke in the newspaper and the screenshots of the chat came out, many people, including journalists and non-journalists, came out in protest. Following the controversy, his wife Lakshmi Prashanth came to the scene saying that it was not N Prashanth who sent the answers.

The reporter said in a news release that the message was sent through WhatsApp when he saw that there was no response when he first called the number. When I got a bad reply, I checked the number through True Caller to check if it was Prashant’s number. I still got the name Prashanth and the mail id [email protected].

Following the controversy, Lakshmi Prashant, N Prashant’s wife, claimed that she had sent the stickers. But when asked about the official response to the official number, the question arises on social media as to whether it is the wife who answers. Instead of saying that they are not interested in a response if there is no answer, women journalists also ask what is the meaning of such responses and what is the meaning of cleaning work.

Prashant’s wife Lakshmi says that the video call correspondent called her from time to time. When he received such bad stickers, he did not expect it from N Prashant, so the reporter called on the instructions of the bureau chief to find out who was on the other side. But there was no reply.

Lakshmi Prashant’s post is as follows:

Made news by a gentleman who called and harassed my husband’s personal number, house number and my number like a corpse.

I am posting this post because I was the one who replied to this chat that came to my phone while I was having lunch. My aim is to keep Prashant away from the phone and news as much as possible to keep his mind calm. Suddenly Kerry didn’t respond to anything. Silent as a good kid so far.

This is not a country where an author decides whether or not a person should respond to a news story. I know that Prashant, including senior reporters in Mathrubhumi, has said that he will not respond to the media. Most journalists understand that. A disciplined government official will tell those in need what to say in writing. This country should not be a cucumber to contact and question an IAS officer and those at home through personal WhatsApp and to give insulting news if they do not answer in the way they want.

He tried to celebrate by signing a sentence to add fuel to the fire, but it did not happen. Chummy without a response. Chimney also made news. But things are not so simple. There is something else that is not told behind the story.

I understand that I dealt with this gentleman / gentleman who made many calls, messages and “video calls” from many unknown numbers under various names. The author changes the track when he / she realizes that things will not work out when only the stickers are received. To the big word in the small mouth of an IAS officer “not to hurt you” “Oh ya!” What else to say! “Oh..ya!” The author / author, who suddenly felt obscene, started the video call again. That’s good. Video call to watch pornography? People in this area also know the old number of people who somehow answered a video call and took a screenshot of it. The event featured an author / author making a video call describing a typical sticker as “pornographic” and taking a screen shot of it and creating news as ‘sex chat’. In fact I should have taken the call and said two.

Here is the screenshot printed in Mathrubhumi News Report, edited and edited by the author / author called video calls here. The news can only be made if some things are fake and hidden! When the harassing reporter continued to harass him, Prashant picked up the phone and blocked him with a message saying ‘wrong person and wrong tactics’. I unblocked it again and left my regular dialog for Last Punch, saying that the punch dialog should be blocked. Don’t just look at their threat, thanks to Prashant who stopped me from trying to delete everything saying it was a full quotation. Otherwise these screenshots would not have been shown.

The author should go to the person who gave the quotation and tell him that nothing has happened. Those who do not know how to do news professionally can see this as a lack of quality to create news. Then, scavenger means carnivore. But for the writer, it is scavenging. No dispute.

None of the other professionals, the media, harass a government official who is silent in this way. It is a quotation taken to turn journalists against Prashant. Wise journalists understand this. What a pity, Moyalali. This profession is not journalism but power broking / operator / political slave. Media friends identify those who fall into this category of carnivores. Teach such people the dignity and decency of journalism. Officers are those who have a home, family and parents. When you see a zoo animal in a cage, the media does not explode it with sticks and sticks. Respect our privacy and space.

No one in Mathrubhumi has called Prashant or me to ask the truth before this news was printed. Mathrubhumi had a credibility. In the past, the editor would apologize for such idiots. Pratheeksha is the editor of Manoj Das.

N B: In the morning a journalist friend told Prashant – “Was it enough to be silent? Why are you standing up to respond to everyone?” The problem is that they did not respond!