Poornima and Indrajith are scared !! Mallika Sukumaran says she will return soon


The audience is particularly fond of Sukumaran and his family. The children were also active in the film, following the father and mother. The eldest daughter-in-law came from the movie industry. Supriya, who became her second daughter-in-law, is active with the construction company. Prithviraj and Supriya are back with Prithviraj Productions following their withdrawal from August Cinemas. Poornima too has returned to cinema after a long hiatus.

Poornima has reached the port after the virus. All of the features that are shared by the active cast on social media are quickly gaining attention. The post and picture of Mallika Sukumaran, who has come to the conclusion that she is going to the Attukal temple, have already become significant. Mallika also mentioned that Indra and Anu are a bit depressed. Mallika said that she felt isolated and that she would return to them soon.

mallika sukumaran prithvraj and indrajith

The actor had earlier said that he sees Poornima and Supriya Menon as children, not sons-in-law. She had said that she had come to see her grandchildren, even though she had never seen them. When Purnima received the state government’s award, Mallika came to congratulate her. She won the award for best female entrepreneur. Mallika said that she was happy with her daughter’s achievement and was looking forward to seeing the moment.

Supriya Menon had come to the country recently to talk about Prithviraj and his afterlife. Tarapani also spoke about the changes that have taken place in her life after her birth. She also spoke about her reasons for quitting. Fans have reaffirmed that Supriya is a woman who understands things and is moving forward. Mallika has also come up with comments under the niece’s interview.