Pooja Hedge with Vijay in Dhalapathy 65 with record renumaration of 3 crores


Vijay’s next film, Dhalapathy 65 is waiting for the fans. Pooja Hegde, who plays the central character in the film, has revealed the amount of the reward. The player is paid Rs 3 crore. Pooja Hegde shines in the film with the highest salary of her career. Vijay’s remuneration for his performance in the film was already in the news. The Hindustan Times had earlier reported that the winner of the new film was paid Rs 100 crore and the actor received an advance of Rs 50 crore. If the remuneration does not change, the winner will surpass Rajinikanth’s record.

Rajinikanth, the highest-paid actor in Tamil Nadu, was paid Rs 90 crore for his film Durbar. In 2019, Rajinikanth was paid Rs 63 crore for his performance in Shivaji, which earned him a place in the 100 crore club. Rajinikanth was earning the best salary of his career at the time. According to various reports, the winner has assets worth over Rs 400 crore. Commander 65 may be crucial in his career. Recently, there were reports that the shooting of the film has started. Russia is the main shooting location for the film, which is expected to cost a lot to produce.