Overthrown Sujatha’s award; Sibi Malayil had exposed the artificiality in the award selection

There will be no Malayalees who do not know director Sibi Malayil. Sibi Malayil has been able to sit as part of several award juries in his three-decade-long film career. Sibi Malayil was one of the jury members who decided the 55th National Film Awards. Now, Sibi Malayil has revealed about the sabotage in the award selection that took place on that day. Director Sibi Malayil said that the jury decided to give the National Award to singer Sujatha, but the decision was sabotaged due to external interference. Director P.T. Organised by friends in view of Kunju Muhammed’s contribution, ‘P.T. Sibi Malayil revealed this while speaking at the inauguration of the program ‘Kalayum Kalavum’. The jury had decided to give the National Award to Sujatha for the song ‘Thattam pidichu valikallae’ from the film ‘Paradesi’.

Cinematographer Sunny Joseph was also part of the jury. Sibi Malayil said that both of them wanted the director, cameraman, lyricist and singer to get the award for the film Paradesi and strongly advocated for it. The award for the best singer for Sujatha was decided and written by the committee. However, the festival director, who was from North India, asked who would get the award for the singer. When Sujata came to know about it, she asked him if he had ever heard Shreya Ghoshal’s song from Jab We Met. He took the initiative and brought the video cassette, displayed it and corrected the award, “he said. Sibi Malayil added that although the jury has a confidential nature, it is revealing this information now because of the short time. At that time, the chairman had said that he would give the best actor award to Shah Rukh Khan instead of Mohanlal. Sibi Malayil said that it is a big event for Malayalam film makers to win awards by competing with North Indians.

At the same time, Sujatha Mohan is a singer who touched the romantic feelings of Malayalees with her sweet voice. Sujatha, who entered the Malayalam music industry in 1975, continues to amaze every music lover even today. Sujatha made her acting debut in the year 1975 with the film Tourist Bungalow. Since then, Sujatha has been a part of many musicals. Sujatha has sung more than 10,000 songs in Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil and has won the Kerala government’s award for best playback singer in several times. She was selected as the best playback singer by the state government in 1999 and 2007. The Government of Tamil Nadu honoured her with the Best Playback Singer Award for the years 1993, 1996 and 2001. Sujatha, who continued to win many awards, is still in the memories of Malayalees with that melody.