Oolu Malayalam movie Review | Photos | Trailer

Oolu is an Indian Malayalam-language Fantasy movie coordinated by Shaji N Karun and composed by T D Ramakrishnan. The film stars Shane Nigam, Indrans, Kani Kusruti, Esther Anil in the number one spot job; created by A V Anoop. The film was the opening film at the 49th International Film Festival of India (2018). It was additionally screened at a couple of other significant film celebrations.


    • Shane Nigam – Vasu
    • Indrans
    • Kani Kusruti
    • Esther Anil- Oolu
    • Sreekumar
    • Radhika
    • Punnassery Kanchana


Piravi (1988) is the highest national and international award winning film in the history of Malayalam cinema. It was also the birth of director Shaji N Karun. Carbon all ready The players of the new generation of the central kathapatrannalakkiyan iyirikkunnat Shine Nigam estar … The main backdrop is a temple with a 1000 year old temple and a bell. Sita Devi and Hanuman are the main pilgrims to the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.Shine Nigam plays Vasudeva Panicker as an artist. The story of Vasudevan falling in love with Maya ..The film also depicts unexpected changes in life and changes in Vasudevan. The movie is being shot in Mumbai, Karnataka and Kerala.


There is no one who does not suspect or experience that there are some sights in this world of sight. Those who do not wish to flee into the world of fantasy and wander there are few and far between. ‘Oli’ director Shaji N Karun has set a spectacular view in front of the endless spectators who have come to grips with the idea of ​​a great cinematic epic. It is a beautiful picture that illustrates the truth of how imagination has grown in the world of reality. MJ Radhakrishnan, a talented filmmaker who won the coveted national award for his role as a filmmaker, was a surprise.

Maya, a fugitive girl who had been brutally raped by civilians and thrown into the lake, is starting to survive in the lake. From there it takes the audience into the world of the imagination. It is into her life that Vasu, a painter, climbed into the boat. What he sees later changes his life. The “All” here is a reflection of many things … of survival, of beauty, of goodness, of purity … There is no room for evil in her life Vasu also experiences it.

Esther, who has stepped into the lead roles, is an outstanding performer. This is one of the best roles that a young player can achieve in his career. Vasu is yet another acting feast of Shane Nigam, who surprises audiences with life-sized realistic characters. Shane fulfills a charm that character demands. With great graphics and cinematography, Oll has managed to get the audience beyond the barriers of imagination. Even then, some of the most artificial dialogue ever shook hands with the audience. A fascinating aspect of the film is its global proximity that can flow anywhere at any time. The script by TD Ramakrishnan has played an important role. The music of Isaac Thomas has been very helpful. If you have a little patience and a good imagination and a mind to think about, then this is a picture that can be bought without hesitation. Because OL has prepared so many things for you ..!