Nazriya shares her memories with Chiranjeevi and Meghana


It has been more than a month since Meghana Raj‘s husband Chiranjeevi Sarja said goodbye. Still, relatives, friends and fans are still reeling from the shock of his demise. Chiranjeevi and Meghna shared a close friendship with Malayalam actress Nazriya. Nazriya shared the news with shock at the time of Chiranjeevi’s death.

Many days later, Nazriya shared a picture of herself with Chiranjeevi and Meghna, whom she called Bhai, on social media. Nazriya shared the picture on her Instagram story. He died of a heart attack on June 7. The death of the star was a huge shock to the fans and family members. Meghna shared pictures from a recent prayer meeting.

“Dear Chiru .. You were a celebration, always. I know you do not want to be like that. Chiru is the reason behind my laughter. Everything you gave me is precious,” Meghna shared those pictures. Meghna is now waiting for her first eye. Chiranjeevi died when Meghna was three months pregnant. The post that Meghan shared on social media after his death was tear-jerking.

“Chiru, I have tried many times, but I can not find the words to say anything to you. No word in this world can define who you are. My friend, my lover, my life partner, my baby, my faithful husband, you are beyond all this. Chiru is a part of my soul. ” “Every time I look at the door, you say, ‘I’m home.’ When I’m tired, you surround me like a guardian angel. “


“You love me so much, so you can not leave me alone, can you? The most precious gift you have given me is our baby – the symbol of our love – for which I am forever indebted to you. Through our baby, I look forward to bringing you back to earth. To hug you again, to make you laugh again.” To see, to hear the laughter that spreads light all over the room, I look forward to it. I’m waiting for you. You are waiting for me in another world. You will live with me until my last breath. I love you, “Meghna wrote in Chiru’s memory.