Nazriya and Fahad celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary !!

fahad and nazriya

Fahadh and Nazriya are the best couple in Malayalam and their two films together have been very successful. They have copied the match in their lives. They are also a great couple. They fell in love after starring in the film Bangalore Days and got married very soon. They have a lot of fans and occasionally share stories with the fans. Their wedding was celebrated by fans on social media. They have faced many gossips and trolls about their age difference.

After watching the movie .. Marriage has been active in the manufacturing and married the actor starring in films pritvirajineappavum phahadineappavum 2. Fahadh and Nazriya’s film Trance was a huge success. Apart from Malayalam, Nazriya is also a favorite in Tamil and has gained a lot of fans in Tamil with very few films. Nazriya’s Tamil film Raja Rani was a super hit ..

Today was their 6th wedding anniversary. On this day, Nazriya came to Instagram to congratulate her husband, saying, “It’s been 6 years, I love you so much, I wish you all the best.” Along with this, the actress also shared an interesting video .. Many people have come to congratulate her on social media .. Nazriya’s post on Fahad’s birthday went viral on social media last day.