Nayanthara and Vignesh in Goa, what’s the reason behind the journey?

Nayanthara has been described as the lady superstar of South Indian cinema. The actress is in love with director Vighnesh Sivan. Fans are waiting for their wedding. Occasionally discussions about marriage were active. Nayantara said that if marriage is decided, everyone will be informed about it. The Lady Superstar and the director travel frequently for public events and temple visits. Their pictures and stories can go viral on social media. News of the Goan trip is now going viral.
Vignesh had arrived in Goa on a holiday with Nayans. The director’s post saying that they are both in Goa and on vacation is going viral. He also shared a beautiful picture of Nayantara. It was at this time that some came up with a critique of the holiday. Fans came to say it was a beautiful photo.

This time Vighnesh Shiva celebrated Onam with Nayanthara’s family. Images during the Onam celebrations went viral on social media. Fans asked if the director had come to Kerala to decide on the marriage. Vignesh reacted to the news of the marriage being active again. Nayantara is often silent when asked about love and marriage.


News of our marriage has appeared on the Internet almost 22 times. The news will come in three months’ time. We have some goals. I want to do something. After all that, there are plans to go into personal life. Vignesh Sivan said that our focus is still on work.


Let’s see when love gets boring. Then we can get married. Now everything is going beautifully. You can make that decision when everything is right to go to the next step. Vignesh Sivan said in an interview with Behain Woods that he would then inform everyone and get married happily.