Mohanlal with organic farming in Lockdown, Fans taking over the video

mohanlal organic Farm

Mohanlal has come out with a video of his farming in the wake of the weekend lockdown in Kerala. Mohanlal grows organic vegetables at home. Mohanlal has come up with the message of adopting organic farming. Video Mohanlal, is shown to be prepared at home in Ernakulam with a small place. He also said that he uses these vegetables all the time at home. All the vegetables needed for the house are grown on that small farm at home.


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Many vegetables such as pumpkin, aubergine, chili, tomato, zucchini, lentils, and maize are grown. He also says that this is something that everyone can do if they are ready and can cultivate even on terraces if they do not have space. Vegetable pesticides are very important at this point to use a lot of organic vegetables and organic vegetables will help to protect the health. This video is now making waves on the internet. Also, Mohanlal’s transformation video for Drishyam 2, which was released last day, has taken a special place on social media. Fitness trainer Dr. Mohanlal’s Transformation for Drishyam 2 was directed by Jason. Mohanlal’s transformation video was shared on social media by fitness trainer Jason himself. Scene 2, which was released on OTT, was a huge hit.