Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik are dating-Know more


Through a touching Instagram post, Gautham Karthik revealed his romance with actress Manjima Mohan. Sharing a few lovey-dovey photos with his ladylove, he wrote, “What happens when the right person comes into your life? Most people would say that you would be filled with love the moment you set your eyes on them, your stomach will feel like there are butterflies flying around inside your heart would sing for joy etc…etc…”

He expressed his eagerness for them to start the new stage of life as he concluded the letter. He wrote, “I’m extremely grateful that you have chosen to share this special bond with me my love. Now let me do my part by making sure I earn your love every day and nurture and grow this bond till the very end! I love you with all of my heart! I can’t wait for us to start our journey together as one!”


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On the other hand, Manjima Mohan also penned a note for her partner on the photo-sharing app, “Three years ago when I was completely lost you came into my life like a guardian angel. You changed my perspective on life and helped me realize how blessed I am!! Every time I feel like a complete mess, you pull me up. You taught me to accept my flaws and to be myself more often. And the best thing I love about you is how much you love me for who I am! You are and will always be my favorite everything.”


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Congratulatory notes for the happy couple have been flooding in ever since the announcement.