Karthi gives the confirmation on the making of Kaithi 2


One of the most watched and talked-about movies in Tamil is Karthi’s Kaithi. Even two years after the movie’s release, interest in it is still high, and since Kamal Haasan’s Vikram came out, excitement for Kaithi and Karthi’s roles in Dilli has grown. Currently, the actor himself has announced the Kaithi sequel while promoting his latest movie Viruman. He provided information regarding the shoot in addition to making references to part 2.

When promoting Viruman, Karthi stated that the sequel to Kaithi will begin production as soon as director Lokesh Kangaraja finished his current commitments. As a result of Vikram’s massive success, which was in some way connected to Kaithi, fans are ecstatic and delighted and can’t wait to see more of Dilli.

Karthi portrayed a parolee prisoner who was looking for his long-lost daughter. He encounters difficulties along the way and is pursued by youths.

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Our information indicates that the director intends to eventually merge the Vikram and Kaithi worlds into a single, massive movie. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is eager to combine the well-loved flicks Vikram and Kaithi in a crossover narrative. He is currently considering it, though, and has not started writing the script yet. For now, he is focused on another project, so this will take a while to develop. But depending on the cast and crew’s availability, Lokesh Kanagaraj is keen to bring the main characters of Kaithi and Vikram together in a larger-than-life film,” informs a source close to the film.