Kalabhavan Mani has been remembered for four years


Kalabhavan Mani- There is no other name close to the mind of Malayalees. It’s been four years since the bell of the cinema stopped. 4 years without Kalabhavan Mani was the man who had to play the best roles in the films that came out in the last four years. But isn’t it sometimes said that death is cruel? Suddenly, death came to him.

kalabhvan mani death anniversary today

Four years ago, the same day the news of Malayalis’ chunk broke, Kalabhavan Mani passed away! There was a trap for everyone. The bell’s laughter still fills the eye. Mani has made his debut in Malayalam cinema without the backing of a school, an institute or a grandfather.

kalabhavn mani death anniversary today

The Malayalees gave him a go-getter that no actor could afford. He had joined the Malayali mind. The sound of bells ranging from folk songs to jokes even in the countryside. He lived and died as a green man, playing goat, singing and acting like one of them to the common man. There will be no Malayalees who say Manichettan was not so quick.