Urmila Unni accused for pulling a mic, Protest against the star


The dancer performed the song with My Music at Stage G. Some of the best things to do in the world are those who are looking for a home. Dance at the Temple Festival Partnerships are set.Urmila is protesting against actress Urmila Inni, who threw a mic in front of a crowd in Kollam during the festival. Urmila and her daughter Uttara were present at the event following the intervention of the police.

urmila unni

Urmila had spoken to the audience in front of the dance floor. But in the meantime, Mike was going off. Urmila, who was very upset, threw a dysfunctional mic and then spoke from the stage without Mike. There is fierce protest against this act of Urmila.

actress urmila unni

Urmila’s arrogance was more than anyone could bear. Following the mob’s agitation, police reached the spot. The Uttar Pradesh program was launched only after the problems were resolved. According to the Light and Sound Welfare Association, Urmila is nothing short of arrogant. Surrey has also released videos asking the police if it is okay to put the mic down.