Kaaval Movie Review | Suresh Gopi | Renji Panicker

Kaaval is an action thriller film written and directed by Nitin Ranji Panicker. Produced by Joby George under the banner of Goodwill Entertainment, the film stars Suresh Gopi and Ranji Panicker in the lead roles. The original score and soundtrack of the film is by Ranjin Raj and Nikhil S. Praveen is a photographer.The content of this story is in the name of the film itself. The first 25 minutes of the story focus on the family and focus on the emotions. Ranji Panicker Panicker’s performance in these scenes is different from the others.

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After the first 25 minutes, the protagonist Suresh Gopi can be seen in the frame. But with the advent of the hero, the story goes back to the old days and goes in a class style. In this part too, Ranji Panicker is scoring more than Suresh Gopi.With the return of Suresh Gopi years later, the director has not been able to bring out the actor’s acting in a big way. So in some parts everything seems to lag. When the story begins after the break, the story begins again just before the first twenty – five minutes.

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Later, in the parts of the film that go into the action thriller pattern, you can see that Suresh Gopi is having a hard time acting. But none of the punchy dialogues in this movie seem as appealing as the star’s old movies. At the end of the story, the film changes to a twist, which excites the audience. In short, this movie is a one-time action thriller movie