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I will never forget the way Prithviraj treated me then, says Unni Mukundan

Unni Mukundhan about Prithviraj

Unni Mukundan has completed the shooting of the movie ‘Brahmam’ directed by Ravi K Chandran. Musil Aliyan of Malayalam is happy to have acted with Prithviraj for the first time. Speaking to The Times, Unni Mukundan spoke eloquently about his colleague. Unni shared her experiences since she first met Prithviraj. Unni Mukundan first met Prithviraj at a small function. Unni Mukundan arrived in an autorickshaw that day to attend the event. It was late at night when all the players returned after the ceremony. The clog will come to that in a drive to go home Unni Mukundan said. Unni Mukundan politely declined the invitation as he did not want to bother a great actor like Prithviraj.

I was nobody then. My name has not even reached the minds of the people. Just a beginner. Still, Prithviraj treated me very well. I will never forget the way Raju treated me then. That experience was an introduction to me as to what a person like Prithviraj is – Unni Mukundan recalls seeing Prithviraj for the first time. Working together in a movie with the same person was a lot of fun for Unni Makundan. I always wanted to do a film with Prithviraj. He is an actor I adored even before I became an actor. The way Raju treats people … he is a perfect gentleman. Prithviraj is not only an extraordinary actor but also a compassionate person – said Unni Mukundan.

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