Groom Shanid’s Gift To Shamna On Her Wedding Day Was A Surprise For Her Fans.

Shamna Kasim got married last October. Shamna’s groom was JBS Group Company founder and CEO Shanid Asif Ali. The wedding ceremony of Malayale’s favorite actress took place in Dubai. Although Shamna could not become a bright star in Malayalam cinema, she was also present in Tamil and Telugu. The actress also shared her wedding pictures through social media for the audience. Groom Shanid’s gift to Shamna on her wedding day was a surprise for her fans.

Those were gifts worth around Rs.30 crores. Shamna’s husband’s gifts were gold worth 1.5 crores, a bungalow worth 25 crores, and a luxury car. Shamna Kasim, who was noticed through reality shows, was a native of Kannur. The actress had already shared the good news that she is going to be a mother in front of her fans. Shamna had also talked about going to Dubai for delivery through her YouTube channel. Later, the actress also told about her husband’s first gift to her.