Govind Padmasurya Miraculous Escape From The Accident

Film star and TV anchor Govind Padmasurya’s (GP) car met with an accident. The car in which the GP was traveling lost control and rammed into a parked car on the roadside. The incident took place this morning at Arangotukhara in Desamangalam panchayat. No one was hurt. The accident happened when he was going to Kochi for shooting from Pattambi. The GP’s car rammed into another car parked on the road when he lost control while giving side to the oncoming school van. Both cars were partially destroyed. No one was hurt.

When the bike that was going in front suddenly braked and stopped in the middle of the road, the school van and the car that came behind it stopped. Meanwhile, the oncoming GP’s car lost control while giving side to the school bus. Soon the police reached the spot. GP also went to Kochi for movie shooting.