Failure and success for Ajith! Both are equal: Prithviraj!!

Actor Prithviraj has reported about his lesson to Ajith. Directed by Lal Junior and starring Prithviraj, Suraj, Mia George, Deepti and many others. Then a fan asked about Ajith. In response, Prithviraj described an incident. Prithviraj said, “Surya is going to a new home after the wedding. There were many actors attending the ceremony. Ajith came in as well.

The film is about the story between the actor and his fans. Commenting on Ajith in an interview, Prithviraj said: It was Ajith who taught me an important lesson in my life. A few years ago, my friend, actor Surya, moved into a new house. They had invited me to that planet. Actors Karthi, Madhavan and Ajith
were present at the function. Ajitum at the ceremony; I too had been talking for a long time. In those two hours he had been talking to him, he had been through his success; It is understandable that I am a failure. Ajith told me that a film does not make one happy and one does not get tired of failure. I took this as a lesson. This is what I follow.