Chiyaan Vikram and Dhruv Vikram’s ‘Mahaan’ Movie Review And Rating


Mahaan Movie Synopsis

A man from a Gandhian family is forced to leave his family for drinking. He turns into a well-off alcohol nobleman, yet years after the fact, he finds himself in opposition to his son

  • Cast: Vikram, Dhruv Vikram, Bobby Simha, Simran
  • Director: Karthik Subbaraj
  • Where to Watch: Amazon Prime OTT
  • Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins

Mahaan Movie Trailer

Mahaan Movie Review

Mahaan opens with an introduction, set in 1968, and includes three young men who are part of a card game having a falling out. Years roll by. In 1996, we see one of them, Gandhi Mahaan (Vikram) having an unfulfilled existence where he is constrained to follow Gandhian qualities by his family, including spouse Naachi (Simran), who are firm devotees of the Mahatma. Having recently turned 40, he inadvertently meets Sathyavaan (Simha), his old friend, who is presently running a bar. He chooses to party the night away, yet the following day, his wife leaves his home with their child (Dada) subsequent to having discovered that he’s alcoholic. He collaborates with Sathyavaan and assists him with fostering his alcohol business. A couple of years after the fact, they wind up gathering the third friend from the preface – Gnanam (Muthukumar ), who is currently a lawmaker, who assists them with extending their business. However, exactly when things appear to be going well overall, Gandhi’s past catches up in the form of his son Dada (Dhruv Vikram).

Somehow or another, Mahaan is Karthik Subbaraj’s contort to Thalapathy. Rather than estranged siblings, here, we have an estranged child who is excited about taking out his dad’s accomplices. With Gnanam plotting against them also, would Mahaan be able to guarantee the security of his family? Karthik Subbaraj takes as much time as is needed to set up the plot (truth be told, the whole first half) and it is just in the second part that the plot kicks off, but he does this in a gripping manner.Mahaan 99

With Mahaan and Dada engaged with a dangerous game, the scenes get more exceptional. A scene between the two characters and Rocky (Sananth) is the main highlight. The filmmaking in this portion is typical Karthik Subbaraj… Flashy and fantastic, good camera work mirroring the indecisiveness of Gandhi. The movie is emotional and the actors have given their best performance. The actor Vikram sure knows what his audience is looking for. His power-packed performance has its own charm that makes one think if he really is the hero or the villain in the film. Dhruv matches Vikram in many scenes. Though he only appears in the second half of the film, he takes the lead as soon as he enters the scene.
Simha, Muthukumar, Simran and Sananth also convey noteworthy performances and are the show stealers.

Mahaan Movie Rating