Can you Give Me That Phone As A Gift

Unni is currently enjoying her first 100-crore club film Malikappuram. Unni Mukundan, who is active on social media, often shares pictures and videos that attract attention. Now, the comment received on a picture shared the other day and Unni Mukundan’s reply to it are attracting attention.

Unni Mukundan shared a mirror selfie photo. Someone commented that Unni Mukundan is full of muscles. Unni Mukundan’s interesting reply. Fans write below the answer that it is our muscleman. In 2014, he played the lead role of Dulquer in the film Vikramadityan directed by Lal Jose. After the success of the movie Vikramadityan, Unni’s performance won critical acclaim. Apart from being an actor, Unni has proved that he is a singer and a film producer.