Anarkalimarikar shared memory with his father and camera:Photo gone viral

Anarkail Marakkar

Anarkali Marikar is an Indian film actress who appears predominantly in Malayalam films. She made her debut in 2016 in the film Aanandam.

She was offered the role in her debut film Aanandam through its cinematographer Anend C. Chandran, a friend to her sister.

Anarkali made her film debut in 2016 with the teenage romantic-comedy Aanandam, in a supporting role.Her second film Vimaanam (2017) featured Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role, and was directed by debutante Pradeep Nair.After that, she was cast in a leading role in Amala, directed by debutante Nishad Ebrahim.

Anarkali now shared his memory with the camera and his father.The caption of the photo is

“My memory associated with film camera was when Vappa got those film rolls from the studio, used his magnifying glass to select the good ones, and made one of us mark the numbers on the paper cover that it went in to the lab to develop. To be honest, the patience required for it was immense and yet, there were moments that one felt worth waiting for.
I wonder why this photo wasn’t chosen. It is always hard to impress Vappa because he is a perfectionist. This probably didn’t make the cut. Or on a larger level, this one was meant to be discovered today.”

The photo are gone viral in social media and all the fans are excited to see the more such news from the actress.