Actress Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide, Here is the reason!

The only reason I am a Kannada actress is that I was born in Karnataka, and the actor and politician and Harinadar, Seaman, are not letting me live. I have already taken three pills. My BP is becoming lo. The famous actress Vijayalakshmi has videoed and uploaded to Twitter saying “Don’t leave both Seaman and Harinadar for no reason.”

This video of actress Vijayalakshmi has shocked all cinema including Kannada cinema. I am a native of Karnataka. But, my mother tongue is Tamil. Seaman has tortured me enough for only one reason that I am a Karnataka. He called me a prostitute and insulted me. Do not let the mirrors flirt with him. Vijayalakshmi has made the video that they are responsible for my death.

As the video went viral, Vijayalakshmi’s family and friends hospitalized her. At present they have escaped danger. I’ve been under stress for a lot of days. It’s not coping. Bollywood actor Sushant Singh’s suicide shocked the entire film industry. Sandalwood actress Jayashree Ramaiah videoed her suicide, saying she was healthy. Actress Vijayalakshmi of Nagamandala fame, who uploaded a video on Facebook and Twitter this evening, has stated that she is committing suicide Fans and their close friends were very shocked by this.

Vijayalakshmi, who starred in more than 40 films, was born in Chennai. However, he was educated in Karnataka and acted in many Kannada films. He has acted in about 25 Kannada films. Director T. S. She made her acting debut in the Nagabaram film Nagamandala. Later he appeared in many movies like Suryavamsa, Ranganna, Daddy No.1, Kanakambari, Jodhikkai.

Even before that, Vijayalakshmi had attempted suicide. In 2006, Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide by taking a sleeping pill after being harassed by an assistant director who wanted to marry him. His father was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Later, Tamil actor and politician Seeman became very close to Vijayalakshmi. The two had been dating for 2-3 years. Then there was the breakup between the two. Vijayalakshmi has now videoed that the same seaman is responsible for his death. Seaman has tortured many actresses. I am very tortured for the same reason I am Kannada. Thus, Vijayalakshmi had said in the video that she was committing suicide.

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