Aashiq Abu again plan to make Mammootty’s Gangster with Shyam Pushkaran’s Script!

Aashiq Abu again plan to make Mammootty's Gangster with Shyam Pushkaran's Script

Mammootty starrer ‘Gangster’, directed by Aashiq Abu, was not a big hit. Director Ashiq Abu said in an interview with Film Company that the film had high hopes and the failure of the film was very disappointing. He said that he had only the fascination to do a gangster film and that was a failure of the film.

Aashiq is currently trying to shoot a new version of the gangster. Shyam Pushkaran is scripting the project and Dileesh Pothen will be in it. There is no confirmation as to whether Mammootty will be the hero in the movie. Anyway, they are trying to portray the second part as Perfect.