You will enjoy the love story of Kiara Advani and Siddharth Malhotra in the movie Shershaah.

Shershaah 4

Shershaah has finally released on the OTT platform. The movie is based on the real life story of the army captain Vikram Batra. The patriotic film stars Sidharth Malhotra as the leading male (Vikram Batra) and Kiara Advani plays Dimple Cheema,his wife.
The adorable duo is performing on one of the songs of ‘Shershaah’, named ‘Raataan Lambiyan’.Kiara Advani is dressed in a stunning wine colour ‘Saree’, Sidharth is in cargo pants ,simple shirt with a jacket. In the video when Sidharth pulls Kiara in his arms it is enough for giving butterflies in anyone’s stomach. The onscreen pair is receiving a lot of comments and praises from their fans. Kiara Advani mentions that none other then Siddharth Malhotra could be Vikram Batra. He’s literally sunk in into this character. The way his eyes would speak, the way his body language would speak, there was never a Siddharth Malhotra in him. There was always Captain Vikram Batra.
Vikram Batra
After a long time, the songs of a movie are trending and have been loved by fans. Pandemic has changed a lot, but Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani managed to take it on for the team!Both the actors are busy with the promotion of the film.

“Shershaah” is a war film Directed by Vishnu Varadhan and co-produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and is streaming on Amazon Prime Video,
Despite  limited amount of screen time for Kiara, she performs with utmost sincerity  making the audience relate to her. Her transition from a young college girl to that emotional scene in the climax wins the hearts.

Their are rumors of the chemistry between Sidharth and Kiara. Kiara explains that before she worked with Sidharth on this film, she always thought he was this good-looking and a fun. But working with him she realised that there is a side of him which he doesn’t show to a lot of people or even if he does, she think that is yet to be explored by people who have not worked with him.”The actress also added that Sidharth is quite passionate as an actor because he dreams of directing and producing a film.

Shershaah have recieved many tweets and likes for the Independence day .