You Can Log Into WhatsApp On Up To Four Phones At The Same Time

Now you can use WhatsApp on multiple phones. You can use WhatsApp on up to four phones at the same time. Zuckerberg announced the new update through Facebook. This feature will be available to all customers in the coming weeks. Currently, only one WhatsApp account can be used per phone. And along with this, you can also log into WhatsApp on desktop devices. In case WhatsApp messages are available on other phones, even if one phone is switched off, WhatsApp can be used on others. WhatsApp is the world’s largest messaging service with nearly two billion users.

Users will also get access to new features, including video and voice calling options and device linking for almost all devices, even if WhatsApp is updated on Windows desktops. To access WhatsApp on multiple devices, open WhatsApp by entering the phone number on the primary device. After that go to settings and select linked device. Select Linked New Device. Then follow the instructions shown on the screen. After that another device should be connected. If Windows is connected, open the WhatsApp webpage and scan the QR code on the second device. Devices need to wait for some time to sync. Once the chat is open on that device, the process can be continued on other devices as well. They can also be unlinked at any time. You can use 4 linked devices and one phone at the same time. Users’ private messages, media, and calls are end-to-end encrypted.