You are the reason for my smile: Meghana Raj

Sandalwood’s young Samrat actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has been a month away from the event, with a close friend greeting Chiru at home. Chiranjeevi Sarja died untimely on June 7, one month away from being physically alienated. Also, brother Dhruva Sarja wishes Anna Chiranjeevi’s funeral at the Brindavan Farm House in Kanakapura.

Chiru sneers, all of them together, posed for a photo with a smirk, and Meghana Raj has also posted photos of herself smiling with her close friends on Instagram. And wrote an emotional message.

“My dear Chiru … Chiru was a celebration yesterday. This celebration is always there. I know you wouldn’t like it any other way! Chiru, you are the reason for my smile… what he gave me was precious. Love, laughter, pranks, honesty and most importantly, we love you baby ma! That is.

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