Yogi Babu’s ‘Pei Mama’ gets trolled by netizens for copying renowned Bollywood movie poster BHOOT


Well-known comic entertainer Yogi Babu’s development in the film is mysterious and the entertainer has arrived at incredible statures with tremendous difficult work. Yogi Babu has additionally been playing a lead job in a couple of movies, and he has over ten movies close by. Presently, Yogi Babu’s ‘Pei Mama’ has figured out how to snatch the features as it has trolled for morphing a well-known Bollywood banner. However, the posters and trailer of Pei Mai were received well from the audience as Yogi Babu served comedy and horror at the point. The trailer showed Yogi Babu chasing ghosts from a ghost, which was the crux of the story.

Pei Mama cast
Pei Mama cast

Pei Mai is also a horror movie, so keeping the design, background, and everything the same, they only replaced Vicky’s face with Yogi Babu and became the hottest topic right now on the internet. Netizens are trolling the Pei Mai makers for lifting the entire poster.

With theaters permitted to work with half inhabitance, a few new deliveries have been hitting the huge screens to engage the fans. Yogi Babu’s shock parody ‘Pei Mama’ has unexpectedly joined the rundown of new Tamil deliveries during the current week, and the producers have reported a unique banner. However, something entertaining is that producers have recently copied the image of their stars in a well-known Bollywood banner of Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Bhoot’. The sluggish activity has stunned the fans, and they are insulting the producers for the absence of thoughts. It additionally raises the uncertainty whether the creators have done it intentionally to make some buzz for the film or on the other hand if it has any association with the Hindi film.

Bhoot poster of Vicky Kaushal

‘Pei Mama’, which is coordinated by Shakthi Chidambaram, highlights Yogi Babu, MS Bhaskar, Kovai Sarala, Rekha, Mottai Rajendran, Singam Puli, and others. The film delivered by Vignesh Ealappan is outfitting to deliver this Friday on September 24th.