Yogi Babu’s next film Thookudurai will star Ineya


Here is the most recent movie Yogi Babu will appear as the lead. The comedian, who has recently taken on major roles in a number of movies, will star alongside Ineya in the upcoming movie Thookudurai. The film is directed by Dennis Manjunath, who had previously worked with the actor in the thriller Trip.

The director informs that the film will be a family entertainer, with a story that takes place across three time periods. “The plot revolves around the descendants of an illustrious royal family and the problem that they face. We have two-period portions, with one set in the 19th century and the other in 1999. Ineya plays a girl of this royal lineage while Yogi Babu will be seen in the role of an operator of a touring talkies,” eloborates the director on what the film is about.

The music of the film is done by newcomer KS Manoj. Motta Rajendran, Bala Saravanan, Mahesh, Sendraayan, Marimuthu, and Namo Narayanan play supporting roles.
After finishing the film’s filming, the crew is now working on post-production.